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Flavour Art

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  • Flavour Art Vape Wizard Concentrates 10ml
    Vape Wizard You can make it magic !! MTS stands for Mellow, Thick and Smooth, and it is a major breakthrough in taste technology for PV users. Based on our thorough understanding of taste mechanisms, we have developed a product which we believe will increase the pleasure of your vaping experien..
    Ex Tax: £2.67 £3.20
  • Flavour Art Yogurt Concentrates 10ml
    Yogurt Reformulated as a DAP-free flavour due to popular demand, a sumptuous Yoghurt. *The reformulated Yoghurt flavour does contain a small percentage of Acetoin in order to retain its flavour profile; Acetoin is not currently considered potentially harmful according to research conducted by Dr...
    Ex Tax: £2.67 £3.20
  • Lime Tahity Distilled Flavour Art Concentrates 10ml
    Lime Tahity Distilled. FlavourArt Lime Tahity offers a sharp and strong taste, different from cold pressed Lime. It's a fizzy flavour, making it ideal for that refreshing drink experience.   ..
    Ex Tax: £2.67 £3.20