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Mixology - One shots

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  • Mixology Lemon Tart Concentrate
    The traditonal but ever popular Lemon Tart. A beautiful shortbread buttery crust filled with a smooth creamy lemon filling! Recommended Mix: 15% Recommended Steep: 1-2 Weeks Credit to: Alan Hodgkinson - Mixology   ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
  • Mixology Liquorice Allsorts Concentrate
    A delightful blend of liquorice and coconut, just like your favorite sweets! Recommended Mix: 10%-15% Recommended Steep: 2 Days ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
  • Mixology Lush Concentrate
    Selected limes blended together with crushed ice to give a cool refreshing summer vape.   Recommended Mix: 15% Recommended Steep: 1 Week Credit to: Alan Hodgkinson - Mixology ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
    Based on 3 reviews.
  • Mixology Mama's Milk Concentrate
    Succulent strawberries with cream and custard notes. Recommended mix: 17-20%  Recommended Steep: 5-6 Weeks ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
    Based on 5 reviews.
  • Mixology Marshmallow Crispy Concentrate
    Delicious soft marshmallow peices and crispy cereal clusters! Recommended Mix: 20-25% Recommended Steep: 4 Weeks ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
  • Mixology Marvellous Melons Concentrate
    A mouth watering combination of melons and tropical fruit! Very popular! Recommended mix: 17-20% Recommended Steep: 1-2 Weeks ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
    Based on 8 reviews.
  • Mixology Melonberry Cream 30ml Concentrate CLEARANCE
    Honeydew melon and mixed sweet berries lightly blended with fresh cream. Recommended Mix: 19% Recommended Steep: 2-3 Weeks Credit to: Dominic Pierrepont ..
    Ex Tax: £2.08 £2.50 £3.00
  • Mixology Mixed Berry Mojito Concentrate
    Mixology's take on the world famous Mojito Cocktail, with a difference. A handful of juicy berries bursting with flavour over ice with finished off with a refreshing mint tast make this concentrate a must for a hot summers day! Recommended Mix: 13% Recommended Steep: Short (1-2 Weeks) ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • Mixology Monday Morning Blues Concentrate
    Golden buttered toast layered with sweet strawberry jam, topped off with heaps of fresh blueberry goodness. A perfect breakfast vape that can be enjoyed at any time of the day! Recommended Mix: 15% Recommended Steep: 1-2 Weeks Credit to: Alan hodgkinson - Mixology ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
    Based on 2 reviews.
  • Mixology Nerdz Concentrate
    American candy inspired concentrate! Sweet and sour notes with a tangy finish! Recommended Mix: 15-20% Recommended Steep: 1 Week ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
    Based on 2 reviews.
  • Mixology Noelatte 30ml Concentrate
    Gingerbread Latte! Very satisfying vape great for just after dinner or simply to warm you up on those cold nights! Recommended Mix: 16% Recommended Steep: 4 Weeks Credit to:Thomas Dixon Storey VHB ..
    Ex Tax: £1.25 £1.50 £2.00
    Based on 2 reviews.
  • Mixology Nonna's Lemon Drizzle Cake VHB Concentrate
    Authentic tasting sticky fresh lemon sponge cake. Recommended Mix: 8% Recommended Breathe: 12 Hours Recommended Steep: 3-4 Weeks Credit to: Keith Jury VHB ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
    Based on 1 reviews.