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Mixology - One shots

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  • Mixology Orange 'Doh' Concentrate
    A subtle blend of sun ripened oranges and vanilla cookie dough, served with a scoop of Cornish ice cream. Yum! Reommended Mix: 15% Recommended Steep: 2-4 weeks Credit to: Craig Bradder - Mixology ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
  • Mixology Pink Lemonade Concentrate
    Mixology's very own Pink Lemonade! Very refreshing with a friendly tingle on the tongue! Great as an all day vape or to help kick start that palette! Recommended Mix: 15% Recommended Steep: 1-2 Weeks Credit to: Alan Hodgkinson - Mixology   ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
  • Mixology Raspberry Smoothie Concentrate
    A sweet raspberry smoothie flavor. Ridiculous amounts of raspberry, topped off with creamy milk make this concentrate a perfect vape all day long! Recommended Mix: 20% Recommended Steep: 1-2 weeks Credit to: Callum Higton ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
  • Mixology Rhubarb & Custard VHB Concentrate
    Go back to your childhood, with a spot on taste of your favourite boiled sweet! Recommended Mix: 22 - 23% Recommended Steep: 4 Weeks Credit to: Kal Morris - VHB ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
    Based on 3 reviews.
  • Mixology Rusted Concentrate
    A Twist on a classic Rhubarb & Custard with Subtle Strawberry notes ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
  • mix at 18% Short Steep Tobacco and Caramel ..
    Ex Tax: £0.83 £1.00
  • Mixology Screwball Concentrate
    A recreated favourite from your childhood. Vanilla ice cream with fruity sauce and a bubbly finish.   Mix at - 20% Steep - 1-4 weeks Credit to Mark Reeves ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
  • Mixology Strawberry Custard Concentrate
    A thick creamy custard taste with strawberry on the exhale Credit to: Alan Hodgkinson Steep for 4-6 weeks Mix at 15-20% ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
  • Mixology Strawberry Kiss Concentrates
    Mixology's take on the well known strawberry whip candy. Bursting with ripe and tangy strawberries with a creamy finish. Recommended Mix: 15% Recommended Steep: 1-2 Weeks Credit to: Brady Bates ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
  • Mixology Strawberry Milkshake Concentrate
    A smooth and refreshing Strawberry Milkshake concentrate. Armies of juicy sweet strawberries and waves of milk make this one of our most popular 'shake' concentrates!  Recommended Mix: 20%  Recommended Steep: 4-6 Weeks ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • Mixology Stroopwafel Concentrate
    Credit to: Alan Hodgkinson Mix at 18% Short Steep ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95
  • Mixology Strop V2 Concentrates
    The perfect balence of juicy strawberries and cinema style popcorn. An unusual mix but one that will satisfy any sweet-tooth craving! Recommended Mix: 15% Recommended Steep: 1-2 weeks Credit to: Alan Hodgkinson - Mixology ..
    Ex Tax: £2.46 £2.95