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Stixx Mixx NET Concentrates

Stixx Mixx was created in the beginning of 2015 by a drummer/musician in Los Angeles. As an avid cigar smoker, who also loves the taste of fine tobaccos, decided to try his hand at doing natural extracts. After perfecting the art of cold/heat extracts, and getting solid feedback from friends, decided to take his product to market.

Stixx Mixx prides itself in the highest quality products available in micron filtered liquids.


What is NET Extracts?

N.E.T. is an abbreviation for “Naturally Extracted Tobacco”. It can also be referred to as “Natural Tobacco Extract”. Our entire line of e-Liquids are all Naturally Extracted Tobacco (N.E.T.) blends.

The easiest definition of a NET e-liquid is one that extracts the flavor from real tobacco, steeping chopped or ground tobacco in PG, VG or a mix of the two to allow the natural flavors to make their way into the base mixture. This can be done with the aid of heating – to make the process a little quicker and to offer a stronger flavor – or cold (with no heat added) – which takes longer but preserves more of the complexity and nuance of the flavor.


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  • Stixx Mixx A+ Blend N.E.T Concentrate 15ml
    A truly unique blend of smooth flue cured medium body flavor. Lightly sweet, and a bright nutty aroma. Wonderful on it’s own, as a centerpiece flavor paired with vanilla or caramel. It will bring out the western man in you. Steep one week for best results. Use @ 6-10%  ..
    Ex Tax: £11.25 £13.50
  • Stixx Mixx Aged Burley N.E.T Concentrate 15ml
    A mid to full bodied smoke. When mixed in with a lighter shag, it brings out the manly back notes that you may desire. Earthy, nice throat hit. Use @ 3-6%  ..
    Ex Tax: £11.25 £13.50
  • Stixx Mixx American Virginian N.E.T Concentrate 15ml
    The perfect base note to your tobacco creations. Smooth, Medium to bold American cigarette, full bodied, slightly sweet, red type, Thick mouth feel, (0 to trace) out of (10) throat hit. use @ 4 -10% Preferred single flavor mix: 8.0% ..
    Ex Tax: £11.25 £13.50
  • Stixx Mixx Black Cavendish N.E.T Concentrate 15ml
    Avast ye landlubbers! Similar to a black and mild, without the really darker notes. Brings out the sea captain in us all.  8% It’s a light version of your grandpa’s pipe. Very smooth, lots of flavor without the burnt taste. 12% much more bold earthy back notes.  Add some dark fire cured fo..
    Ex Tax: £11.25 £13.50
  • Stixx Mixx Brazilian Viso N.E.T Concentrate 15ml
    Brazilian Viso: Standalone 10%, mix 8%. A nice dry, not sweet shag. In the medium range it can provide body to many a mix. Use as a filler with some Nicaraguan Seco or Burley. I prefer it really by itself around 12% though, nice mild throat feel. Very authentic at 10%. Steep minimum of 2 w..
    Ex Tax: £11.25 £13.50
  • Stixx Mixx Honduran Ligero N.E.T Concentrate 15ml
    A great, smooth shag flavor. Lighly sweet, and very very smooth. Excellent standalone, or with dark berries. Use @ 6-10% ..
    Ex Tax: £11.25 £13.50
  • Stixx Mixx Nicaraguan Seco N.E.T Concentrate 15ml
    The building block of any great cigar always starts here. Mellow and smooth tobacco taste, with some nutty undertones help put this blend right on top in any cigar or pipe blend you can imagine. Use @ 6-10% ..
    Ex Tax: £11.25 £13.50
  • Stixx Mixx Sweet Brightleaf N.E.T Concentrate 15ml
    Exactly that,…a light, bright, loose leaf shag with earthy notes. Layer with other light-medium shags for a nice full bodied taste. Could be used when a light woodsy note is needed. Also use combined with other earthy flavors to create a great tea. 8-10% Standalone.  ..
    Ex Tax: £11.25 £13.50
  • Stixx Mixx Turkish Oriental N.E.T Concentrate 15ml
    A perfect dry shag, on it’s own or mixed with your favorite flavors! Use @ 6-10% ..
    Ex Tax: £11.25 £13.50