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Brews Bros

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  • Brews Bros APPLACK concentrate 30ml
    APPLACK BREWS SHOT – MIX @ 14% – Steep 7 Days This is another punching recipe for the mix %.  It’s Apple & Blackcurrant that are the predominant flavours here, however, there are special twists. Will you be able to notice them? This inspiration for this came from an Apple & Blac..
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  • Brews Bros BLACK RESERVE concentrate 30ml
    BLACK RESERVE BREWS SHOT – MIX @ 8.3% – Steep 0-4 Weeks (Gets better over time) This is a powerful little number from The Brews Bros. It’s our flagship tobacco recipe, however, don’t be concerned with the small mix % however, It’s packed with flavour! Tobacco is seen to be something to get off..
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  • Brews Bros CEREAL KILLER concentrate 30ml
    Cereal Killer Brews Shot – Mix @ 21% – Steep for 4 weeks (Needs the steep) Jake munching on “Fruit Loops” cereal for breakfast (don’t ask me why…. ask him).  That’s the inspiration for this one.  Fruit circles mixed with an eclectic mix of concentrates to bring you one of the best cerea..
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  • Brews Bros CUSTARD DYNASTY concentrate 30ml
    CUSTARD DYNASTY BREWS SHOT – MIX @ 20% – Steep 4-6 Weeks (Possibly Longer Depending on Taste) This custard takes hail from one of our Scottish friends bringing down Caramel Shortcake. It’s so rich, creamy and finished off with a biscuit and caramel touch, after steeping (which is important here) ..
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  • Brews Bros DONUT BLUES concentrate 30ml
    DONUT BLUES BREWS SHOT – MIX @ 15.5% – STEEP 4 Weeks+ You’re probably thinking right now we got our inspiration from a doughnut, right? Well, this won’t give you the blues! Another sweet snack brought to you by The Brews Bros.  This time taking some Blueberry and stuffing it right into a ..
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  • Brews Bros FRUIT CHEWS concentrate 30ml
    FRUIT CHEWS BREWS SHOT – MIX @ 17% – STEEP 7/14 DAYS We based this flavour on the mouthwatering Chewits. Everyone has probably tried one from time to time!  If not, you’re missing out, just brush your teeth, we’re not responsible if you get a cavity! Inspiration is fairly obvious for Frui..
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  • Brews Bros ICED OJ concentrate 30ml
    ICED OJ BREWS SHOT – MIX @ 19.5% – STEEP TIME 7 DAYS **Make sure to shake vigorously & often – citrus concentrates tend to separate – Not suitable for plastic tanks /EZ dripper** Our take on a classic orange juice served in a chilled glass with ice.  Mixtures of Blood Orange & Tan..
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  • Brews Bros ICED TROPICADE concentrate 30ml
    ICED TROPICADE BREWS SHOT – MIX @ 14.5% – 7 DAY STEEP When Vaping in the warm sun we get 2 days a year here in Lincolnshire, it inspired us to make this tropical blend with that cool feeling to make it a perfect vape for summer and winter too.  If you don’t believe me… try it!  We weren..
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  • Brews Bros STRAWBISCUIT SPLIT concentrate 30ml
    Strawbiscuit Split Brews Shot – Mix @ 19% – Steep 4 Weeks (minimum – no airing) This is another inspiration from the USA.  A different take on a USA dessert from The Brews Bros from Louth, UK. Jake was the one that originally came across this type of biscuit when out in Lincoln and though..
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  • Brews Bros STRAWSOME SHAKE concentrate 30ml
    Strawsome mate!  That’s what we said in our tests, hence the name! As brothers, we rarely agree on things, but we recognised straight away that this is one we wanted in our originals range.  This recipe is likely to be the only recipe we both agreed for the first time!  We got our ins..
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