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Real Flavors

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  • Real Flavors Apple Jam with Toast Concentrate
    Apple Jam with toast ..
    Ex Tax: £2.88 £3.45
  • Real Flavors Baja Soda Concentrate
    Enjoy the fun, fizzy taste of tropical lime with our Baja Soda. Based on a beloved 21st-century soda that is sometimes hard to find, this flavor packs a blast of bubbles in every refreshing, tangy drop. ..
    Ex Tax: £2.88 £3.45
  • Real Flavors Bavarian Cream Concentrate
    Bavarian cream is a classic 19th-century dessert, made from a rich eggy custard that has been mixed with whipped cream and stiffened with gelatin. The result is a tasty treat with a pudding-like texture. Want some? You could make the trip to Bavaria, with its snow-capped peaks...but now you won't ha..
    Ex Tax: £2.88 £3.45
  • Real Flavors Blackberry Jam with Toast Concentrate
    Blackberry Jam with Toast ..
    Ex Tax: £2.88 £3.45
  • Real Flavors Blood Orange Concentrate
    Blood oranges are a crimson-colored variety that originated in the 18th century. Possessing an aroma and distinct flavor more intense than the common orange, this juicy red citrus fruit has sweet overtones of raspberry and strawberry. It's one of our best natural flavors. ..
    Ex Tax: £2.88 £3.45
  • Real Flavors Blue Raz Concentrate
    Introducing a bright-colored classic we've all known and loved in candies and cold drinks since childhood. Did you ever wonder how they came up with BLUE raspberries? Now you know. Taste the mix of fresh blueberry and raspberry in this tangy, terrific flavor. No wonder it's a favorite. ..
    Ex Tax: £2.88 £3.45
  • Real Flavors Blue Raz Cotton Candy Concentrate
    The perfect mix of blueberry and raspberry come together in big, fluffy puffs of sweet cotton candy to create this berry-flavored spun-sugar treat. Enjoy it at the movies, the circus or anywhere you please. ..
    Ex Tax: £2.88 £3.45
  • Real Flavors Blueberry Concentrate
    Native to North America, blueberries come in second only to strawberries in terms of berry popularity. Ideal for pies, jellies, desserts, cereals, candies and more...the days of waiting for them to be in season are a thing of the past. Now you can enjoy the sweet, succulent taste of blueberries with..
    Ex Tax: £2.88 £3.45
  • Real Flavors Blueberry Muffin Concentrate
    Filled with fresh blueberries and topped with a generous layer of crumbly sugar, our Blueberry Muffin flavor tastes like it was baked today in grandma's oven. We'll put the kettle put your feet up, and enjoy. ..
    Ex Tax: £2.88 £3.45
  • Real Flavors Bubblegum Concentrate
    Take yourself back to the fondest moments of your childhood with our bubblegum flavor. This classic taste from the gumball machine is sure to bring back memories, without the cavities! You'll love it. ..
    Ex Tax: £2.88 £3.45
  • Real Flavors Butter Crisp Candy Bar Type Concentrate
    This bar candy flavor consists of the famous crispy core of creamy peanut butter blended with sugar candy in chocolate coating. This flavor was the top selling beta flavor and sold out in days! Quit questioning if you should buy it and just get it! ..
    Ex Tax: £2.88 £3.45
  • Real Flavors Butter Toffee Concentrate
    Butter toffee at its best! This is one of those candy flavors that you will swear was handed down for generations. Sweet, buttery deliciousness will enchant you...and you'll be glad it did! ..
    Ex Tax: £2.88 £3.45