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Vape Lab Refresh

Refresh is a premium E-Liquid range that pride themselves on full, bold flavours and refreshing cool tones. If you are a flavour chaser these are a must try!

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  • Refresh Arctic Apple (3x10ml)
    Sweet tasting, flavour bursting, mouth satisfying refreshing apple taste on the inhale, infused with an icy cooling effect for the exhale. Deep clouds, deeper flavour. 70/30 ratio. ..
    Ex Tax: £12.50 £15.00
  • Refresh Cloudy Lemonade (3x10ml)
    There's a special summer's day memory that's only unlocked by the irresistable, unforgettable, sweet and cooling sensation of Vapelab's Cloudy Lemonade. This flavour deliciously meets every lemonade fans expectations. The coolness will surely leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted; in your own den..
    Ex Tax: £12.50 £15.00
  • Refresh Cola Fizz (3x10ml)
    What's more refreshing than an ice cold cola, sat inside a bucket full of ice, infused with a hint of lemon? Let the vape remind you of a hot summers day with every hit. So refreshing! ..
    Ex Tax: £12.50 £15.00
  • Refresh Frozen Mojito (3x10ml)
    Irresistibly fresh and punchy, this authentic mojito cocktail juice is a one-way salsa dance to the carribean. Enjoy your moment with some nice, thick, dense clouds. 70/30 ratio. ..
    Ex Tax: £12.50 £15.00
  • Refresh Iced Suprise (3x10ml)
    A special mix of  ice cold citrus and exotic fruits; something special like you've never tasted before. Tasting is believing. Enjoy each puff of fresh air! 70/30 ratio. ..
    Ex Tax: £12.50 £15.00
  • Refresh Lemonicious (3x10ml)
    The taste of freshly squeezed lemons and limes like you've never tasted before, not sour by taste, crisp, clean and refreshing. Of course our signature icy blizzard on the exhale! 70/30 ratio. ..
    Ex Tax: £12.50 £15.00
  • Refresh Mango Blitz (3x10ml)
    The tender and sweet flesh of a juicy sweet mango topped with a blitzy cool exhale. The perfect blend of sweet fruitiness with a cool refreshing exhale making this the perfect all day vape. Created with the perfect VG/PG ratio to enjoy the resulting thick, dense clouds. 70/30 ratio. ..
    Ex Tax: £12.50 £15.00
  • Refresh Mango Magic (3x10ml)
    If sweet is more your thing, this ripe mango will send you straight to the shade trees of Asia. The ultimate blend of mouth-watering sweetness mixed with an ice cold exhale. Perfect for every day; the all day vape. 70/30 ratio. ..
    Ex Tax: £12.50 £15.00