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  • Nitecore d2 DigiCharger
    The Nitecore D2 is a universal smart charger compatible with almost all cylindrical rechargeable batteries, thus eliminating the need to own several chargers. The D2 automatically detects Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries, and through manual selection is also capable of charging LiFePO4 batteries. I..
    Ex Tax: £18.33 £22.00
  • Nitecore i4 Intellicharger
    The Intellicharge i4 is a universal, automatic smart-charger compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries thus eliminating the need to own several chargers. The i4 is able to automatically identify Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries and apply an appropriate charging mode (C..
    Ex Tax: £15.00 £18.00
  • 18650 Battery Wraps (Mixology)
    Heat shrink onto your batteries with a hair dryer ..
    Ex Tax: £0.17 £0.20
  • 510 cuffs for Ego batteries
    Provides a smoother, more stylish look when using an Ego battery with a 510 atomiser or tank such as the Nova's or DCT's. Without it, the screw threads between the battery and atomiser/tank are visable. Most people prefer to use a plinth or cuff to make it look neater! ..
    Ex Tax: £0.83 £1.00
  • E-fest Battery Safety Charging Bag
    E-Cigs use lithium ino batteries also found in devices such as mp3 players, mobile phones, laptops and digital cameras. Overtime, these batteries can deteriorate through general use which may lead to faults. The E-Fest Battery Safety Charging Bags are made of a fibregalss woven fabric, similar to ..
    Ex Tax: £4.58 £5.50
  • Ego battery Lanyards
    The lanyard slots on between the atomiser  and battery. This allows you to keep your e-cig handy at all times and less likely to  lose it! ..
    Ex Tax: £2.92 £3.50
  • Empty bottle with dropper
    Empty bottle with dropper, perfect for mixing liquids and DIY! Available in 10ml, 15ml, 30ml & 50ml ..
    Ex Tax: £0.28 £0.33
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  • Muji Cotton- Wicking Material-24 Pads
    24 Pads of 100% Muji  unbleached cotton wicking material for use in rebuildable atomisers. Super-easy to work with and holds up much better than ordinary organic cotton balls. This bag should be enough to last you quite some time. ..
    Ex Tax: £1.00 £1.20
  • USB Car charger
    Ex Tax: £2.50 £3.00
  • USB UK Wall Plug
    Ex Tax: £2.92 £3.50
  • Zipper Carry Case
    Perfect for carrying all your e-cig essentials and keeping them protected! Can easily hold two full e-cigs with 1100mah batteries, 30ml liquid and spare clearomisers. Approximate dimensions are 180 x 100 x 30mm   ..
    Ex Tax: £4.17 £5.00