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  • DELUXE DIY Mixing Starter Kit
    Our DELUXE DIY Mixing starter kit includes:   1 x 100ml of 72mg Nicotine Base in PG 1 x 250ml Propylene Glycol (PG) 1 x 500ml Vegetable Glycerin (VG) 3 x 30ml Capella Flavour Concentrate of your choice 3 x Syringe  (10ml, 5ml & 2ml) 2 x 14 gauge blunt needles 4 x 30ml Empty..
    Ex Tax: £26.67
    Based on 5 reviews.
  • 14mg base liquid wil create an E-liquid approximately 12mg when mixed with 15% flavour concentrate ..
    Ex Tax: £0.83
  • 18mg base mix will create an E-liquid at approximately 15.5 ..
    Ex Tax: £0.83
  • 3.5mg 100%VG Base mix will create an E-liquid at approximately 3mg when mixed with 15% flavour concentrate ..
    Ex Tax: £0.83
  • 510 cuffs for Ego batteries
    Provides a smoother, more stylish look when using an Ego battery with a 510 atomiser or tank such as the Nova's or DCT's. Without it, the screw threads between the battery and atomiser/tank are visable. Most people prefer to use a plinth or cuff to make it look neater! ..
    Ex Tax: £0.83
  • 7mg base liquid will create an E-liquid of approximately 6mg when mixed with 15% flavour concentrate ..
    Ex Tax: £0.83
  • Aqueous Glycerine (AG)
    ****1 Litre bottles are available in store only for £9****** AG (Aqueous Glycerine) is similar to VG diluent, with the added benefit of being easier to pour due to the presence of distilled water. this product is vg mixed with distilled water High quality dilutants for making your own e-liq..
    Ex Tax: £2.08
  • Citric Acid 10% 30ml
    Citric Acid one of the more common ingredients used to give E-liquids their tart flavour. Our solution of citric acid is concentrated a 10% for PG (Industry standard) PLEASE NOTE: CITRIC ACID IS KNOWN TO CRACK POLYCARBONATE/PLASTIC TANKS. Warning: Citric Acid is very tart and only a smal..
    Ex Tax: £2.92
  • Ego Automatic Battery 900mah
    The automatic Ego battery are ideal for users that find using a manual battery difficult. It does not have a manual button, and activates automatically by the internal micro-sensors within the battery activate upon each inhalation once attached to a suitable atomizer/cartomizer. These batter..
    Ex Tax: £10.83
  • Ego Battery
    Ego battery available in a variety of colours and patterns, with blue LED switch button.The Ego batteries come with a switch-off feature enabling you to carry it in your pocket or bag, without risk of it being accidentally activated. Click the button rapidly 5-times to set the battery to ON mode, or..
    Ex Tax: £7.92
  • Ego battery Lanyards
    The lanyard slots on between the atomiser  and battery. This allows you to keep your e-cig handy at all times and less likely to  lose it! ..
    Ex Tax: £2.92
  • Ethyl Maltol 10% 100ml
    Ethyl Maltol 10% 100ml Ready to use - Pre Mixed Concentrate in PG  Ethyl Maltol is an organic compound, a common flavouring / sweetener and a very pleasant smelling chemical that is used as a flavouring in the food, beverage, tobacco, confectionary and fragrance industry. &nb..
    Ex Tax: £6.67