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Why You Should Switch

Electronic cigarettes or ‘E-cigs’ are a fantastic alternative to tobacco cigarettes and achieve in simulating the act of tobacco smoking. The vapour that is produced by the heating element gives the user, or ’vaper’, a hit similar to that of a tobacco cigarette when inhaled. 

The major benefits of e-cigarettes are: 
MONEY- The cost of running an e-cig is far cheaper than smoking. 
HEALTH- The only drug contained is nicotine. NO TAR OR OTHER POISONS.
SOCIAL- E-cigs are exempt from the majority of smoking bans
SMELL- No lingering tobacco smell

Our Electronic cigarette kits come with everything you need to get started including an instruction manual. The only thing you will need to add is the e-liquid, this is sold separately as there are so many different varieties of flavour and strength. Should you need any assistance once you kit has arrived we are only a phone call away however here is some information around our most commonly asked questions.

There are 3 main components to an E-cig, the battery, atomiser/ tank, and the e-liquid or e-juice as it is sometimes known. 

The Battery
Here at The E-cig Shop we have chosen to supply our starter kits with the larger capacity batteries. This is because these batteries will easily last the average user the whole day. Our batteries can last 6 months+ and come with 28 days warranty. The batteries take approximately 5 hours to fully charge and generally come already charged. There are various colours and patterns but they all work in the same way. 

To Charge
Unscrew the battery from the atomiser or tank and gently screw onto the battery charger. Our chargers have the option of charging via a USB port or mains plug and car chargers can also be purchased under our accessories tab. When connecting the battery to the charger the LED on the charger will turn red and the battery button will flash 5 times, this is to show the battery is connected and a charging. When the battery is fully charged the charger LED will turn green so show it is ready to be attached back to the atomiser and used.

To Use

All batteries have an on/off feature; five swift clicks on the battery button will switch it off or on. The battery will flash 5 times to show it has activated or deactivated. Once switched on the battery button can be held down and this will illuminate the button, this is indicating that the heating element is working to you can begin to inhale or ’vape’!

The Atomiser
There are many different types of atomiser and there are different factors to consider when choosing the one that’s right for you. The most obvious difference is the amount of E-liquid they hold. Our atomisers hold anything from 1.1ml up to 3.5ml so this could be a deciding factor in your choice of atomisers. As standard all our starter kits come with the CE4 atomiser which holds 1.6ml. We feel this is a good place for new vapers to start and use this as a basis when considering their next atomiser. 
Some atomisers we sell are repairable. This means that instead of replacing the whole unit when it has ceased working, just the heating element can be replaced. 
Please read the information contained in each product description for how to repair your atomiser and how to fill it with E-liquid as each one is a slightly different procedure.

E-liquid (Also known as E-juice) 
We only stock the highest quality E-liquid. Hangsen is regarded as one of the world’s best manufacturers of e-liquid using only the highest quality products. They have produced many of their own mixes including the extremely popular RY4 and are leading the way in the creation of many new flavours. 

There are two things to consider when choosing your E-liquid, the strength and the flavour.
A common misconception with e-juice is that the mg represents the amount of nicotine in the bottle. In fact it does, but not in quite the way most people think! For instance, 18mg does not mean that there is 18mg of nicotine in that 30ml bottle, it means that there 1.8% of the liquid is nicotine. Therefore whatever the size of the bottle is, if it is labelled 18mg it will all be the same strength.

Which strength to choose?

Light Smokers (0-10 per day) 0mg or 6mg
Medium Smokers (10-20 per day) 12mg or 18mg
Heavy Smokers (20-30 per day) 24mg
Very Heavy Smokers (30+ per day) 36mg


Independent testing has found

"E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco"

Please follow the link to go to the Government website and view the full article

As for our choice in flavours, that is very much a personal choice and the best way is to try them! Remember there is nothing wrong in mixing flavours to make new ones too!!

Happy Vaping